The human being originates from the nature of which it forms part. Each of the more than seven billion human beings living on Earth need to interact with nature from which it receives vital energy and everything they need to keep and organize with other human beings to improve their material and spiritual conditions.


While a minority of humanity is able to satisfy their needs and almost all their desires without great effort, the vast majority struggling to survive. This disparity stems fundamentally from the hierarchical structure of human society. A hierarchical structure is like a pyramid. Each step is a layer. The levels of a hierarchical structure are dyadic, ie double valence. Who is on a certain level represents himself against those who are on the higher levels and represents the totality against those who are on lower levels.


The basic objective of all humanity must be the transformation of the hierarchical structure of human society in a conarchical, without layers, so that every human being has the starting conditions to meet their individual possibilities and can and should do what that can and receive what they need, taking into account that the natural resources and regenerative capacity of the planet are not unlimited.


To begin to achieve these goals we must redistribute wealth equally and organize the production and the economy in general so that everyone can get a result in proportion to the quantity and quality of personal energy used. These two solutions require a political choice, which can be expressed only by the will of the vast majority of the world population.


EkaBank is a tool that applies the existing rules. Manages money legal tender and transfers it from speculative finance to the real economy. It is a tool to trigger a process of real change.


Two choices are essential:

  • EkaBank must not receive money from the outside because it could not take any interest
  • existing money in EkaBank accounts should not be transferred outside to prevent any speculative use