Principles & Rules

EkaBank regulation

  1. EkaBank is an universal credit system consisting of user accounts that share its principles and accept its rules without exception.
  2. EkaBank makes possible the credit without interests and costs to restore production to its natural function of human activity required to meet needs.
  3. EkaBank users are part of a single circuit managed by a payment system that only allows you to transfer money into it to exclude the possibility that transferred money out of the circuit can be lent out with interest.
  4. EkaBank system is based on users responsibility and self-control.
  5. EkaBank is not part of the banking system and does not receive money from outside the circuit.
  6. EkaBank has assets initially provided on behalf of manager, which if necessary can be increased up to 12,500 billion dollars.
  7. EkaBank services are absolutely all free.
  8. To participate to EkaBank you must be registered on EkaBank.
  9. May be users EkaBank persons and entities from all over the world.
  10. To be EkaBank user must open an EkaBank account.
  11. EkaBank account is denominated in grams of platinum 999/1000 to eliminate the effects of any inflation.
  12. EkaBank accounts are managed by multi-currency payment system KyberPay applying EkaBank rules and completely free of costs for opening, maintaining and closing.
  13. EkaBank accounts can operate solely with other EkaBank accounts.
  14. The accreditation of an EkaBank account can only with an EkaBank loan or debiting another EkaBank account.
  15. With an EkaBank account you can pay real-time payments in any currency and amount with the limit of available money on the account and receive interest-free loans.
  16. EkaBank accounts do not accrue interest.
  17. EkaBank users and accounts are protected by privacy regulations and made public only in the event of user default.
  18. To open an EkaBank account you must register at
  19. Who is not able to register may do so by another user.
  20. EkaBank no gifts but grants a loan of any amount on trust and without interest to the user who requests it and plans to be able to return.
  21. Amount and terms of repayment of the loan must be reasonable and based on good faith of the user requesting the loan.
  22. The loan request can be submitted only on indicating the amount, destination and the time within which it must be repaid.
  23. The structure that manages EkaBank decides on the granting of EkaBank loans.
  24. EkaBank loan is credited to the EkaBank account of the user who requested it and must be repaid within the time specified in the user request.
  25. EkaBank loan is for all purposes a debt of the EkaBank user with the EkaBank system for which the operator can take action for recovery in any event of user default.
  26. EkaBank account of user constitutes proof of his debt if any.
  27. Who has a loan and wants another must first repay the old one unless EkaBank decides to extend the repayment period or the partial or total remission of the debt.
  28. EkaBank assumes loyalty and honesty of its users until otherwise proven.
  29. An algorithmic system ensures the proper management of EkaBank accounts.
  30. EkaBank account can be closed at any time by the user.
  31. EkaBank can close the EkaBank account in case of user default.
  32. EkaBank system has been designed so as to exclude external interference and will not be subject to suspension or interruption for any reason.
  33. For all effects and even contract, the rules and texts of EkaBank were written originally in Italian, which is evidence for each interpretation.