Some tips to start using EkaBank

EkaBank works if those who need money become a member and suggests to who should provide goods or lend services him to do the same. In addition, EkaBank user that receive a loan must think of how to repay it. Must use imagination, increase his knowledge, and be willing to take responsibility to perform, alone or with others, activity in the real economy.

If needs money to live and/or to produce, EkaBank user can request a loan.

Funding can also be used to reactivate existing businesses.

If needs money to pay off a previous debt, EkaBank user can suggest to the creditor to become a EkaBank user. If the creditor does not accept the suggestion, EkaBank user can use EkaBank loan to start a productive activity from which to draw the gain needed to pay off the debt. The same is true for the user who needs to pay off a bank loan (until banks lend money with interest will not become EkaBank users).